Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to participate in Club Sports?

Full and part time University of Lynchburg students, as well as University of Lynchburg faculty and staff may be members of a club sport.  Faculty and staff members may not vote or hold office in the club, and may not be able to participate on some club teams when it comes to the club's league games (as per league rules).

  • How are Club Sports funded?

Club Sport teams receive some funding from the University of Lynchburg through the Student Activities Fund.  The majority of funding for the teams comes from Club Sport membership dues as well as fundraising.  All Club Sports members will pay the same dues to the Club Sports program, $125 for the year which can be paid as 1 lump sum or in two payments of $85 and $40.  These dues help pay for league fees, travel fees, and game costs for officials/fields.  Club Sport teams then do fundraising to pay for personal apparel, uniforms and other gear.

  • How often do Club Sports practice?

Typically clubs will have 2 practices per week, with the option for more or less depending upon field/gym availability.

  • How often and when do Club Sports compete?

This depends on each club, but typically the club will host at least 1 home event/tournament per semester and compete in up to 8 events per semester.  Typically, events and tournaments are held on weekends, although some regional and national tournaments may require midweek travel and competition.

  • What if the sport I want to play isn't listed under Clubs?

Email Ben Smith, Director of Club Sports to discuss forming a new club sport (or call 434-544-8287).  All club sports are registered with University of Lynchburg as Recognized Student Organizations.  Ben will be able to help you with the formation of a club constitution, registration with the university, as well as recruitment and promotion of the club.

  • Where do Club Sports practice?

Club Sport teams have access to Shellenberger Field, Turner Gymnasium, Wake Field House, Fox Field, and the practice fields on Faculty Drive after varsity and intramural schedules are made.  The clubs also work with the Lynchburg City Parks & Recreation to access field space in local parks around the university.

  • What is the difference between Club Sports and Intramural Sports?

Club Sports teams practice and travel to compete against teams from other colleges and universities, representing University of Lynchburg at a level lower than varsity athletics.  Intramural Sports allows Lynchburg students to play sports against each other on campus in a recreational environment.