MVP Card

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Lynchburg Club Sports are currently selling an MVP Card that can get you discounts nationwide!  We have worked with Xtraman Fundraising to develop the card shown to the right, which will get you specific discounts at the Lynchburg businesses listed on the back, but also if you go to, you can see discounts close to you if you don't live in Lynchburg.  Each card has a unique ID # that once purchased will be sent to you via email so that you can start using the discounts ASAP.  Also, each card gives you access to a $25 Savings Certificate!  We will then send you the actual card based on your shipping information submitted to Paypal.  To purchase online, choose the Club Sport team from the list you wish to purchase from (or choose Club Sports Overall to support all of Club Sports), enter your email address and click Buy Now to go to our Paypal payment site.  Cost is $20.00.   Thank you for your support of Lynchburg Club Sports!